Educators 4 Equity and Justice has disbanded. To continue the work of promoting equity and justice, each of us provides courses and customized training for schools and organizations either separately or together.

With questions about specific topics, feel free to send an email directly to:

Pascuala Herrera for Accessibility courses
Stephanie Storms for EDI in the Classroom courses
Anita Crawley for Whiteness In The Classroom & Inclusive Course Design & Instruction

Our Story - Passion for equity and justice reunited!   

We met 30 years ago at William Rainey Harper College, a community college in Palatine, Illinois. Anita Crawley and Stephanie Burrell Storms worked as counselors and Pascuala Herrera, as a Disability Specialist. We immediately connected because of our similar values and views about diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. Not only did we participate in several diversity initiatives together at Harper College, we became friends. We parted ways when Anita relocated to Maryland and then to California. Stephanie left Harper to pursue a doctorate at UMASS Amherst and then took a faculty position in Connecticut. Pascuala remained at Harper College until retiring in June 2020. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we reunited around our passions for diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Our partnership resulted in the development of Educators 4 Equity and Justice. Online learning provided a platform for us to join together and build on the work we started so many years ago. We have disbanded E4EJ but are available for consulting individually or together. 

To Learn More:

Creating An Accessible Online Learning Environment for Students with Disabilities (Herrera)

Engaging in Institutional Change for DEI Beyond the Classroom (Crawley, Dallianis, and Storms)